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What's Next?

1.Lock it in Eddie!

We’ll be in touch with you to confirm your booking and to sort out all the neccesary digital-work (like paper-work but the e-version!).

2.Think Themes...

We’ll need to get your custom templates designed next.  

If you have booked a photo booth hire, you’ll need a print template.  If you’ve got the 360 video booth hire we will need to design your custom overlay.

Click here to see some template examples for our photo booth hire packages.

Click here to see some template examples for our 360 spin booth hire packages.

3.To Backdrop, or Not to Backdrop?

You’ll also need to decide whether or not you want a backdrop for your photobooth hire package.  

Some people like to have a backdrop and some don’t.  A backdrop is not essential as our booth’s all work well with our without one.  

If you choose not to have a backdrop, we recommend facing the booth outward, so that ‘your event’ becomes the backdrop.  This can be quite effective and just as fancy as having a backdrop!

Of course, you don’t have to choose one of our backdrops either – you are more than welcome to source your own!  

Click here to see our range of available backdrops to complement our Adelaide photobooth hire package options.

Got Questions?

.Get ready to strike a pose!