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What's Included?

Just about everything, except the kitchen sink!

Todays Photobooth Surprise
Todays Photobooth Surprise

All the Essentials

For your adelaide photo booth booking

Your Adelaide photo booth hire with Today’s Photobooth includes all the essentials you need (plus a few extra’s) at no extra cost!

You just need to bring the party!

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And the Extra's

The add-on's that make it better!

Our optional extra’s are here to help you treasure your memories forever! They also add a little bit more fun to your event – for a photobooth experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Choose to add any of these extra’s:


These are all the things we include for free that will truly make your photobooth hire a one-of-a-kind experience.

Your very own, professional Photoboothologist will be on-site for the duration of hire.

Our photoboothologists not only ensure smooth-running of all our booths, but they will also encourage your guests to use the booth to get maximum value from your session!

Todays Photobooth Inclusions Props

You’re welcome to supply your own props, but why would you – when we have a huge range of quality props ready to go!

We hand-pick our props for each event ensuring the most appropriate selection to bring maximum fun for your guests.

Todays Photobooth Inclusions Custom print

Our graphic designer custom designs every template for every package.  Send us through your invitiation or tell us about the styling for your event and we’ll design a print template, or video overlay to match.

You can also choose from any of our previous designs and we’ll modify it to suit your needs!

Todays Photobooth Inclusions unlimited prints

No need to worry about whether or not you’ll get value for money – our photoboothologist will be encouraging your guests to take more and more photos!  

Your session includes unlimited prints AND duplicate prints!  So you and your guests can snap away to your hearts content and everyone gets a print to take home with them!

Todays Photobooth Inclusions Backdrop

You really don’t NEED to have a backdrop with your Adelaide photo booth hire.  All of our booths work well with or with one and sometimes using your venue as the ‘backdrop’ creates a really stunning look!

But of course, we have a range of backdrops you can choose from, and we’re always happy to help you add embelishments like balloons and buntings to spruce them up to match your theme.

The Extra Add-on's

These are the non-essential, but very much the must-have add-on's you can choose to enhance your photobooth package

Todays Photobooth Add ons guest album

Treasure your memories forever with one of our small or large, black, hard-cover albums.

The booth will print out a duplicate photo from every session, and our Photoboothologist will encourage your guests to stick their duplicate into the album, and leave you a little message too!

You can also supply your own album and we’ll get that sorted for you too!

Todays Photobooth Add ons online gallery

Get a password-protected online gallery of every photo or video from your session.  

You can share the gallery with your friends and family, which will allow them to view, downlaod, print and share their photos as they wish!

Todays Photobooth Add ons photos

Capture even more of your event with one of our professional roaming photographers.  They’ll ‘roam’ around your event and capture the buzz in the room.  You can also request them to take specific photos.  

All of your photos will be supplied via a secure, password-protected online gallery.

Todays Photobooth Add ons Video

Sometimes photos just aren’t enough when you know you’re expecting some special moments during your event.  Our professional roaming videographers will be there to capture all the magical moments as they happen.  

They’ll ‘roam’ around your event and capture the the vibe of your event.  You can also request them to take specific videos while they’re there.  

Your video compilation will be supplied via a secure, password-protected online download link.

Todays Photobooth Add ons Sharing Station

Probably our most exciting add-on is the Sharing Station. 

A sharing station is a separate touch-screen device, set up in a convenient location at your event, where guests can go to browse their photos (and/or videos) from their photobooth or video booth sessions.

The sharing station will also allow your guests to download their photos / videos direct to their phones or send it to themselves via text / email.

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